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About Us


Who We Are ?

ModelLinc is the agency arm of Seven Levels and was largely born from necessity.  

Producing commercials is a process that requires talented individuals to appear on screen and in order to realise the potential of our creative scripting, we need the very best from our local area to pour their energy and their own creativity into the production process to breath life into the final product.

We’re committed to working with local talent, providing local jobs and keeping money in our local economy.

At the same time, we provide an avenue for moth local talent and local business to connect and work together through our production process.



If you have talent, we want to hear from you!

If you live on the Fraser Coast or within the Wide Bay and aspire to work in the acting industry casually or build to something greater in the future, why not connect with us and see if this is right for you?


What we do

As Seven Levels is a production company, our agency arm ModelLinc provides an avenue to find, work with and promote local talent.  It’s a winning combination for all members involved, the talent, our clients and our production team!  Through ModelLinc, we not only empower our clients with fresh, local talented individuals who can bring their creativity to their commercials, but also provide an extra cash flow for our talent who work with us on a casual basis along side their usual day job.

The sole purpose of ModelLinc is to connect local talent with our clients.  We do not actively  manage or promote our registered talent to third parties, however, we will provide such an avenue should that opportunity arise.

Occasionally we will cast for bigger budget productions that require the ‘right’ talent for the role(s).  In these cases we will conduct screen tests which are a type of audition to find which talent are the best fit for certain roles.  These may be selected from our listed talent or from public applicants, however our listed talent will often have first pick and more opportunity to secure these roles.

To allow our talent to best represent themselves to prospective clients, we assist them with our showreel editing service.  We produce these from snippets of work that you have appeared in and that you may use legally under Fair Use policy.

For those who wish to market themselves in the highest quality way, we provide both photographic and video production services that are focussed on promoting you directly for print or screen.



As we move forward, we will continue to add to our FAQ section to attempt to best answer your questions as a client, or talent.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Talent Audition

Expressions 60%
Dressing 80%
Behaviour 90%
Speech 75%